Saturday, October 26, 2019

Don't Care About The Podcast 12: Pacija - Fall

Pacija is an old friend of mine. We went through some great times while he used to live in Banja Luka, now this free spirit, and one of the first DIY rave party DJs. Now he lives, work, raise a family in Belgrade, Serbia, but comes from time to time.

But if you ever ask me what is role, actually where will you put in "History of electronic music in Banja Luka, well there are three  things that Pacija did:

First of all, as Punk kid, after few rave parties, he fell in love (actually find his niche) with EBM or Body music, with early electroclash (International DeeJay Gigolos just started to release that kind of music, with old Boccaccio Techno and Acid, with healthy dose of '80s synth-pop, and he was first who played that kind of mix in Banja Luka.
Also, he was one of the first who made few hundreds copies of his mixes, throw a party and gave every single CD for free to his friends or random strangers who would show up.
Then he was the first guy who organized his crew and throws a Rave in his own house... but also he invited everyone!!! I mean everyone he would meet on the street, people from all walks of life, he invited the whole City of Banja Luka. And I remember there was one rule: if you want to drink, or eat, or do something harder - you have to bring it with yourself - but also you can buy some cheap vine and at arrival, you would pour your whole bottle(s) into one big cauldron - so sometimes those parties were called "free sangria rave at Pacija's". And I still remember, while dancefloor was still getting crowded, a bunch of skinheads danced to Body music, or modern electronic gothic sound, bands like Covenant and Bigod 20. and there were no fights or arguments at all. in the morning around 7am or 8am, you could see all those people, together, cleaning behind them - as some kind "thank you" for a great night.

And one of the most tech important stuff. In Banja Luka records were THE medium to play Techno or House, Cd's were second class (in 6 months a lot of things will change), but Pacija was a guy who wanted to play his music so much, but didn't want to buy expensive turntables, records, or CD players. He is the dude who was the first guy who played on the first consumer version of Traktor software. And imagine him, bringing his home computer (laptops didn't have powerfull processors and good sound cards), just to play his gig.

So that's some nice things I will present to a stranger if anyone asks me about Pacija, the rest is in our memory and in a strange place called past.

I hope you will enjoy this mix!!!

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