Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ursula Le Guin And Todd Barton - Music and Poetry of Kesh (Freedom to Spend)

How can Science Fiction lover miss name Ursula Le Guin. At first I thought it was ones pseudonym, or just using name of the one of the greatest Science Fiction writer. Quick check on the internet and the record is bought, right away.
Ursula K. Le Guin unfortunately died, last year in January 22, 2018. but she left enormous body of work, and just to mention some of the books: Left Hand of Darkness (lovers of Yugoslavian rock band EKV may know, that singer and guitarist, leader of the band, Milan Mladenovic, in one of his last interviews that is the best book he has ever read - enough words, when such a poet praise that book), The Lathe of Dreams, The Telling (my fav, and also one of books from Hainish cycle where Humans send their agents to planets with civilisation, and sent agents study those societies, write diary for every society, and every book is about different civilisation), Earthsea cycle (six books about world of islands surrounded by uncharted sea), and more.

Her style often had anthropologist approach, understanding, also creating new cultures and behavioral patterns, her subjects also included were politics, gender, enviromental problems, and religion, ethnography. And beauty of those words in those books: were writen by great artist, great writer, so her books very often crossed the line of Sci-Fi literature to classic novelism and fictional books. Yes she was the one of the greatest Scinece Fiction writers, but also she was/still one of the greatest writers on this planet.

There are few interesting things to know about this release. In that Time Le Guin start to write another book which will become "Always Coming Home", and during her touring, in early 1980's she met Todd Burton, who approach to her by starstrucked words:"Hi, my name is Todd, I'm a fan boy.", and as she was going to leave, cause she supposed to read her book on local campus radio, he offered to play music during her reading.

Todd Burton had already started to play analog electronic music and experiment it with traditional religiouse Indian music and already was Buchla synthesizers "lover", so when Le Guin got idea to present her new book with other mediums such as music, she already had a Todd in mind. They started to make new instruments that Le Guin requested and play them. Of course Le Guin got deep into the life of the tribe, she was writing about in "Always Coming Home", that she started to drawn their clothes, weapons and tools, usage of technology that survived apocalypse, and most important: she started to create their leanguage.

By the end of the book, they have already made music, and the new fictional language is born. So they slowly finished music for album utill the book is finished in 1985. And book came with the cassette they recorded. And Le Guin always said in the interviews that book and the music is unseparable, they are one piece, but publisher decide to continue publishing book, but without tape - so tape became this rare object forgoten, till the good peeps from Freedom to Spend, decide to re-release the music from the tape. Only 300 tapes were in first edition - there was no second edition with the tape, just to let you know.

So what we got here. It is hard for me to listen this collection of songs in invented leanguage, lots of Spoking Word, and tracks with invented and made instruments with Buchla synth, without the book. But I will give this idea, and realisation of "long-lost" project highest mark, cause even without the book, this project really shows - where you can go with your own musical experience and creation. Also, when I listened on my iPod, i was transported somewhere in other space, where human civilisation survived some-kind of apocalypse and live as one with the nature, and I was "transported" into far away future, where even the oldest ones in Kish tribe, do not remember that apocalypse. Beautiful collections of field - recorded tracks, that can be lullabies, or prayers, or something else, with two purely instrumental tracks that perfectly guide you trough the territory were Kish tribe lives.Where people using technology, but on the other hand live with the nature - almost perfect combination.

Just go and get yourself into ethno music from a tribe that never existed, or maybe this is soundtrack and collections of people, that will come after us. What a magical and metaphysical journey into the... unknown.

Damir "Datzee" Plicanic

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Lucrecia Dalt - Anticlines (RVNG INTL)

"Anticline: a ridge or fold of stratified rock in which the strata slope downwards from the crest." 

Dictionary result for anticlin

"In an anticline, you have the old strata on the bottom and the new strata on the top  Because of the compression on both sides, the strata that is the oldest is coming to the centre and sometimes it can be revealed." - Lucrecia Dalt inteview for Wire.

RVNG INTL slowly becoming one of top 10  favorite labels of all times.. they release such a strange, and obscure music, plus every album is different then previouse, and they are genre and style free!!! enough with free advertisement. I will dig more for you, so check their website for more info, maybe you will find your favorite album on the label.

Lucrecia Dalt is an ex - student of geology, and geotechnical engineering, turned into electronic/experimental pop producer. And obviously artist that will shine more into the future. cause her first albums were somekind neo-folk-ish and electro pop, but by humble opinion nothing to write home about, but also she get her exerience working with Julia Holter or Laurel Halo, but main influence might be Argetinian artist Juliana Molina, which we here at Datzee Blog her masterpiece "Halo".


"Anticlines" is made with producer Henry Andersen. My whole experience about this album is that: it is purposly made as Spoken Word meets Musique Concrete, or even easier explanaition: If Bjork's "Biophilia" album is about every little organism, and celebration of love act, pregnancy and new life's coming to this World, Anticlines is all about beauty of stones and their powers as they provide possibility for living on the solid ground. Also in stones and rocks we are directly connect with our far past that can be measured in eons.

But also I was surprised by Lucrecia Dalt's songwriting. First singl and album opener "Edge" was one of most beautiful poetic lyrics about bonding two bodies into one, as lovers slowly become, not only menthal, but physical:
"I wanted to fill you up with my exhalations/And drink out all your flesh/But keep your bones and skin still flawless/And blow through the tiny opening in the top of your scalp./Until all there was, was perfect you and perfect me./And breath and shape and pressure...
And I would be the breath/And I would press against the back of your eyeballs/The root of your spine/The back of your teeth/The small of your shoulders/The inside of your navel/The slippery side of your throat/Your vocal chords/Your voice box/Your Adam’s apple/
Your cheeks."

But then I read that is story about Colombian serial killer who had this fetish to drink blood from his victims from a hole in their head, and song suddenly turns into this gore scene, about how persons, killer and victim, even in act of killing, become one!!!


"Tar" is second single, and could be most accsesible track on album, with almost South American rhythms, but very minimalistic, and few samples which all create space for Lucrecia Dalt's poetry about "basic chemistry" and life. Track that is perfect for adventures DJs to play on dancefloor. Also worth to mention tracks like "Axis Excess", "Concentring Nothingness" - a perfect minimalistic track, or "Analog Mountains" my favorite track (after "Edge"), that could be made in BBC's Radiophonic Workshop under supervision of Daphne Oram.

I will try to wrap-it up. Lucrecia dalt made an album of her career, and after this only way is up. Album is full of little strangeness and experimental sounds, plus beautiful poetry, recite in cold, cold voice, but also album is for those who really enjoy in experimental electronic music, and on the other side tracks are not "symphonies", but short "songs" about elements, mostly rocks and stones. But this album will make every heart of stone into living and breathing thing.

Damir "Datzee" Plicanic

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Jon Hassell - Listening To Pictures (Ndeya)

Jon Hassell made a great album. You have no idea, how I felt when I first heard it - I guess it was last year 8-). But that doesn't matter, when your first sentence in text tells you all. But on the other hand, Listening To Pictures is far, far away from anything but simple.

We will dive into it, but first little history. Jon Hassel is musician, composer and his instrument is incredible and beautiful trumpet, when it is in his hands it creates not just sounds or melodies, but atmosphere and soundscapes.
Mr. Hassell is the guy who actually brought us musical philosophy called "Fourth World", which is actually playing with ethno music from indigenious tribes and nations, but played with futuristic instruments and modern record techniques, using minimalistic approach.

That same philosophy could be heard in modern age, where with modern technology, and democratisation of music making, and releasing it.
Here is example: you can find two German teenagers, from eastern Germany trying to make ambient ethno music of jungles from Africa and South America - even they never get into the airplane, or even visit Berlin, but only of vision and knowledge of it those geographical places, and what they think it is ethno music from sub-Sahara's jungles. And there is such album, and please go listen to it.

"Fourth World" actually is metaphor from The Cold War vocabulary, as Hassell explains: "In those days, the Cold War days, there was the First World and basically the unspoken Second, which was the Soviet empire. Anything outside of those two was called Third World, and it usually meant less developed countries. And those less developed countries were places where tradition was still alive and spirituality was inherent in their musical output, for lack of a better term: Fourth World was like '3 +1.' The idea was the merging of the traditional and spiritual side from the Third World with the First World technology, using the harmonizer and that kind of thing."

So, first Fourth World record was Hassell colaboration with Brian Eno, cult LP to every pop culture music enthusiast 
Fourth World Vol. 1 - Possible Musics, record that literally was crossing borders, and changing paradigm of what is Ethno or later description as World Music read Peter Gabriel experiments and label, producers as Enigma, or Deep Forest, music to show how hollow you are, and also victim of consumerism!!! 
Fourth World Vol. 1 is still one of the records, you have to listen - before you die.

Fourth World sessions, Eno and Hassel.

Also he relesed his solo work from 1977, with classic Vernal Equinox, and others albums, worth to mention Dream Theory in Malayan. Also Hassell worked with Peter Gabriel (what did i said, but actually Gabriel experiments were good.), Ry Cooder or Talking Heads, Tears For Fears, even "drone godfather" La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela.

So this Youtube video above this text is actually an opener in Jon Hassell's Listening To Pictures. Yes, you would hear, and I really recommend this record to everyone, it is relaxing music, but as every masterpiece: there are hidden things.
If you listen this single "Dreams", there is actually nothing so special, but listen again, after every break, trumpet and other horns slightly goes off rhythm, that is kept with jazzy hi-hats and piano, and everytime, it goes more and more away from rhythm, but in the end, there is that atmospheric sound that sudenly bring it all together, and instead great crescendo, it just settle track down.
Or next track "Picnic", with glitch-y samples and atonality, there is always certain sound or sample, or chord, that suddenly bring all elements together in coherent track. So yes album is easy-listening for sure, but it is also a mine field, that only one who want to find those subtle moments - oh, you gonna find it... a lot those mines.

So, I made my mind and wrote to you dear readers, all in your face in the beginning, but also I would like to point out to the tracks like "Al Kongo Udu" or personal favorite "Her First Rain", or seducing jazz of "Manga Scene".

Jon Hassell with his Listening to Pictures, made me feel great. He is an old fox, and he can still make albums for new generations, without any compromise. Hats of, Sir!!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Mix Of The 2018: DJ Marcelle - Nurse With Wound - Vinyl Mix (Red Light Radio 18 juni 2018)

First of all, you all my friends and family, you are aware of my un-professionalism and lazyness when it comes about things connected with our blog. Constant delays, constant broken promises and unfullfiled "deadlines". Well, when I could live and earn some money with just writing, reviewing and listening all the music I find it is worth of your time: I would drop new content twice or even more during every week. So without any apologies, I'm sorry.

And with so much beautiful music that came in 2018, realesed, unreleased, or mixed we (I actually - with little help of my friends and family), decide to not make any top-2018 albums-EPs-mixes-singles lists. But, there is always "but", and that is what is like to be your own lazy editor-in-chief.

I really want to present to you, mix that never left my ipod, and my Soundcloud app. Also I make some a new friends, and one of them is Marcelle Van Hoof, or DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess.

Concept of the mix is based on tribute to exceptional one-man band Nurse With Wound (aka Steve Stapleton). But Nurse With Wound is not your typical electronic/producer project, cause from 1978 Steven Stapleton has released more than 30 albums, plus colaborative full albums, ep's, singles and split releases, and still to this day he is making his own music World of avant-garde/experimental/neo-folk/drone/industrial/noise/psychedelic/neo-classical/chamber music/krautrock/spoken word... you name it, this guy did it all by himself (and sometimes by little help of friends and family).
Another thing, he released most of his albums on his United Dairies label, and on small independent labels, of whom most have gone by now, so you just can't go into your local music super-market and ask for NWW.
Third thing is he doesn't often play live, maybe twice per year. So there is not many options to find and buy (for cheap) Nurse With Wound releases.

And here comes Dj Marcelle, with (almost) 2hrs of NWW music, and it is all mixed on three turntables, and it is magic. It is apsolute wonder of soundscapes and sonic mutli-dimensional universe. Personaly, I thought, tha it was pre-pared set, where every track has it place and time, but Dj Marcelle actually played it spontaneous for Amsterdam's Red Light Radio.

So if you are Nurse With Wound's music lover, or you want to hear more about NWW, or if you want to know more about musical creativity and want to listen something new... or simply enjoy in Music per se, as the Art, here it is. I even still, to this day listen this mix, Dj Marcelle put a spell on me.

Also I search for her on internet, and I found an interesting person, who was delight to do an interview for our so-called-bad-looking blog.

Shall we begin?

Hello DJ Marcelle, first I want to say congratulations for getting a mix of the year, even we do not do year polls, but even it doesn't echoes further into DJ industrie, we are glad that we choose your mix DJ Marcelle- Nurse With Wound - Vinyl Mix - RLR 18. Juni 2018.

D:Firts I heard mix, and as lover of Steve Stapleton's music I was hooked, and even if I didn't recognised all the tracks, I admired to a DJ who got all of those records, well I was jealous. And I was send it to all my friends, posting it maybe two - or three times on twitter and fb. But now lot of people like the mix, and even guy, younger then me, started to listen NWW - and leave all his Techno production, and started making what both of us call arranged atonal ambient.
1. can you tell me why Nurse With Wound special mix. We know he/they have pretty large discography? Anything special about choice the theme for the mix, and what was the processs, how that mix was mixed at all?

DJ Marcelle: I was booked to play at the Strange Sounds From Beyond Festival in Amsterdam last june and found out that Nurse With Wound was playing too. So then I spontaneosly decided to do this NWW vinyl mix for a show on Red Light Radio, using three turntables and playing tracks simultaneously, so therefore creating/live composing something ''new'' with records. In general my work approach is always very intuitive/spontaneous. On my radio shows and at my live gigs i always improvise, its never been thought of before. That makes it a challenge for me too, and i feel very happy when i can be creative! I have been buying NWW records since he started releasing them so over the years i have gained a big NWW vinyl collection. It was nice to so something creative with it!

We searched over internet, and we found you are obssesed with music, specially with vinyl as a medium, can you guide us to your record collection? 

DJ Marcelle: I have been buying vinyl all my life, starting with glam rock in 1974, but it became ''serious'' when punk started, i was immediately drawn to this new music. Loads and loads of singles were released (the short punk songs fitted perfectly with the 7'' format) and I bought a lot of them! Some of them sound dated now, but I still love the records by amongst others Alternative TV, The Adverts, Buzzcocks. Not that I find that 'standing the test of time' is a criterium to judge whether a record is good or not. Music should always reflect the time you're in and punk records did that. Sex Pistols for example, if you listen to some of their songs now, they almost  sound like 'hard rock' and for me dated and cliched, but this band kicked open a lot of doors then so were very much needed. And John Lydon was an intelligent genius, his first three albums with Public Image are classics, then and now. 'Metal Box' is one of my favourite albums of all time.

Punk for me meant change, going forward, breaking down barriers, so when punk became a musical cliche it was too limiting for me, i have always have had this with new musical styles, in the beginning it was frsh, but the moment people start immitating themselves it looses its authenticty. i have seen this with amongst others drum n bass, dubstep, techno etc

Dub is maybe the only form of music I can always listen to and it hardly ever bores. And dub is everywhere still, I use du techniques when I play live and on my own productions.
As I never stopped buying records and vinyl is the only medium which has an aesthetic value for me, i now own some 20,000 records. They are categoried by style and time period, so African, dub, punk, electronic dance, leftfield hip hop, avant garde et cetera...

I also love reel to reel machines; I still use them (you can actually buy new tapes for them!).

Also we saw and heard a little bits of music from project, you did with drummer Hans - Joachim Irmler, drummer from ultra legendary Faust   called  "DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess Meets Soulmates At faust Studio Deejay Laboratory", and you have three releases on his Klangbad label. In that project you played as DJ, "living sampler" mostly strange sounds, or some chants.How did you get in contact? Members of Faust still live in remote places, and it is hard to just find them or get email?And can you explain modus operandi on those records???
Btw, is this coincidence? In our feature Not For Sale, where we review classic releases for us, I wrote a review of Faust - Faust IV (Virgin 1973).

DJ Marcelle: First two corrections: Irmler was not the drummer but the keyboardist/organist for Faust. I did not do three but four albums for his label. On those records i use the same technique as described above regarding the NWW mix. Composing by  live mixing with three turntables. I played at his (now defunct) Klangbad Festival in 2007 and not only did he ask me back every year that followed but also he asked me to an album for his label. I was honoured by this, because Irmler doesnt have much interest in the dj-world but he recognised in me the same ''free and experimental'' spirit he has/had himself in Faust.
Years ago Faust split up in two different versions, both calling themselves Faust - very confusing. There is the one living near Hamburg, centered round founding member Jean-Herve Peron. they are  still active in believe. 'My' Faust was centered  in the south of Germany around founding member Irmler. i believe they are no longer active. But Irmler works together with other musicians every now and then.
I do too by the way, on side 4 of my last album for Klangbad you hear music I made with other musicians, Lianne Hall, Guido Mobius and Holger Mertin.

You also released music for Jahmoni, German record label, specialized in Dub, Dub Techno/Electronics, or as it was written "everything with a dubbish feel." I guess the rest of the material is "dubbish" and quite experimethal, with lot of sounds from turntables, and african rhythms? Did it all made on computer with turntables???

DJ Marcelle: I use all kinds of stuff to produce music. I use a keyboard, sampling, mini disc, reel to reel, sound and field recordings, and sometimes i play electric bass myself. So hardly ever turntables were used, maybe only on Too Scratched, the last track on Too, which is made with scratched records. i am very open also when it comes to making my own music. No limits!
These records are really my own music.

I find out, and you were talking about it, in yours interviews, about linear, perfect beat-matching sets, and you find it, let me paraphrase that, you consider them boring. So my question is have you notice, a lot of younger DJ's that play and have quite eclectic (another word you don't like) style. Especially on RLR  and other internet, digital radio stations (exp. RLR, NTS, DubLab), and lots of younger people have such a long range of interests in music. Do you think there are more, and does the people on festivals or clubs are into it? I personally prefer both styles.And i think that there will be more people who play different music during their sets. Do you think that there are more Djs who are "all over the place" or should we say authentic?

And one more thing about that, I saw line-up for certain festival which includes stoner/doom/sludge bands, noise/drone/dark ambient projects and live acts and Industrial/Techno Djs - all on one stage together. And when you think about it, those musicians have more in common then techno and House artists. Do you have opinion that internet, even with all bad things it brings, got people together, and even experience some other music and musicians?

DJ Marcelle: Of course internet brought music fans and musicians together! Thats fantastic! I dont have a smartphone and only use internet for my work, so i dont have a lot to do with all the negative aspects of internet. I stay away from it, almost everyone is totally addicted to their machines and a helpless victim of capitalistic nonsense and a waste of time (staring at your smart phone all the time).
i havent seen too many dj's who i really find authentic. most of them have a very ''audience pleasing attitude'' which in general limits creativity how i see it . too many people copy each other and have limited definition of what a dj should be and how you should dj. Eclectic is a totally overused word, when people play four kinds of techno they call themselves eclectic. with eclectic i mean REALLY surprising your audience. staying ahead of them, and really doing drasticcs style changes and/or playing tracks simultaneously like i do. in doing so i try do ignore the limitations of music styles and the limitations people and dj put on themselves. and, most important, playing REALLY excting records, i spend a lot time finding them. too many djs use dull tracks just because it fits in their beat-boring-matching cliche.

There certainyl is a link between drone/industrial and the rougher side of techno. I was a big fan of Spanish band Esplendor Geometrico.

Do you have opinion about DJs like Theo Parish, that even take their own, not only stylus (!important everyone should have his own stylus when have a gig), but even their mixer? I would like to put you "in that box" - seriouse about DJ-ing, but also having a good time.

DJ Marcelle: From experience I know how important it is to use the right equipment in order to do what you want with your music.

 We must admit that we, first time, heard you on Red Light Radio, which is quite unique station, they really bring a lot of different people and hear records you never heard, but how did you get in contact with them, and is there more stations where you play?
Also one important thing, I see that Amsterdam has better record shops than Berlin? What I meant to ask you, many perceive Berlin as Techno/House city, and i saw a lot of record shops turned specialized in those genres. I think in Amsterdam you can find many different records, and whole scene is quite more relaxed and you can hear it in music they play. Do you have need to go online or into other cities and buy records, or you can satisfy yourself in Amsterdam?

Can we know where to go to buy records when we come to visit Amsterdam?

DJ Marcelle: I got asked to play at Red Light Radio. I certainly dont like everything they broadcast, they also have too many boring dj;s as described above, but they also have great dj's and - very important - are very open to anything and anyone. And the people running the station are all very nice and lovable people  who all share a total dedication and passion for music. I feel very much at home with them.
I have also been doing weekly radio shows for over 30 years for DFM, formerly Radio 100, in Amsterdam. On these shows i talk, about my dj-life and music, and play the latest records, and sometimes older records, as ''education'', thats also somehing i consciously and unconsciously   do with my music. Anything goes on these shows. People can subscribe to them and get download link sent to their email address.I also get asked a lot to do guest mixes for other stations.

 Have you ever consider, to come and play in Bosnia, especially my home town Banja Luka (yes you can find us on google maps ok!!!)???

DJ Marcelle: I can come and play everywhere as people book me!! 

 Also I can see you were into post-punk (not genre, more like time frame) so you did something about late  Mark E. Smith from (greatest english band) The Fall and now something about unfortunately another, late Pete Shelley from Buzzcocks?

DJ Marcelle: The Fall is probably my all time favourite band, and the ''free and not giving a shit what other people think of you attitude'' of Mark E. Smith is certainly something which inspired me. When he died a year ago I made a new record, called "For", dedicated to him and using samples of conversations between us (only using his voice).

Also female bands like The Slits and The Raincoats redefined what a band should be, they ignored the male stance and attitude of their male contemporaries and that also inspired me. Unfortunately the music world is very male-orientated and men dominate too much anyway. Another artist who totally did his own thing was Muslimgauze - another big inspiration and a total musical genius, ahead of his time.

 You said: " My roots in music sprang when I was 13 - 14 years old. I was into the first wave of punk, like Sex Pistols, Ramones and the Clash. I’ve always been interested in revolutionary music. I think music should be a little bit political, not just fun. I’ve always had this attitude. What punk meant to me was not the style of music, but an attitude to life." Do you there is place for politics, even something revolutionary in Techno/House. Even now those events are safe and they have only one purpose, so quest have fun. Is there anything political and revolutionary left in Techno/House, or is it all about money and hedonism??? 

DJ Marcelle: Unfortunately most techno/house and parties are about forgetting, having a good time and too hedonistic and controlled by drugs. I have never taken drugs in my life, and always like to experience everything as it is, nice moments, sadness, anger etc. And techno and dj-ing has long become a big industry with a total capitalistic structure. I make my money with music, but I try to stay away as much as possible from this ''industry'' approach, which of course doesnt mean I dont want to be paid (well) for my work. But i am real and a woman going her own way, ignoring stale musical and business rules and too much careerism. DJ-ing is a ''glamour'' profession, but thats not the reason i  do it, fame and fortune are hollow. nothing beats musical and personal/political apprecation! I hear often that people feel free and liberated at my gigs - for me thats the best compliment!

Why don't you like cheese? When you playing, do you prefer to have vine, or something else?

DJ Marcelle: I just dont like cheese, and i also dont like olives. i prefer sweet drinks, like the Belgian Kriek Lindemans (cherry beer), Martini or sweet white wine. But i dont drink much alcohol at gigs, only a few glasses, otherwise i couldnt keep up this life of touring, airplanes in and out and hectic dj-evenings. and, like with other drugs, in general i like to experience everything in my life as it is, without stimuli. Things i like to outside music are swimming (i always have my bikini with me when i travel!), going to flea martkets, enjoying architecture, seeing snd reading about history, reading books, daydreaming, lying on the beach, i love the sun and was born in the wrong climate :-).

Thank you DJ Marcelle/Another Fine Mess for interview and the mix.
Here is more about her:

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Don't Care About The Podcast 11: Nemanja Krstic - Somewhere in NBG

- "Do you know, what you missed, guy kept us, 50 lunatics from almost around 9am, man and he played such a soulfull, and on the other side hard and funky rhythms... man perfect ride."

- "Oh man, he killed, I was watching him running from turntable to CDJ, cause there was quit distance, for Dj-ing, i think he ran more than average Premier League player during the game, and on the other side music his style and long segways, and melodies kept me mezmerize, so i spent sometime with my closed eyes... yeah I was walking on the clouds..."

- "He was great, could easily say, ok my set is over, but NO, he kept playing for 50 or more people when sun came out, but I got chance to be driven home, so I left somwhere at 8:30am."

- " I know you would liked his music, technique and music sounds like (Mike) Huckaby, and I know you heard Huckaby live couple times, and talk to some people to bring Huckaby to this village called Banja Luka... anyway check him, get in contact with him."

So after these "confesions", from people with different tastes for music, and backgrounds, I have to get in touch with Nemanja (Thanks to Illuminations nothing but LOVE), and propose him to do podcast for us, when ever he is able. cause by now you know, I would not post generic techno/House sets, I want, at least from DJ who play that kind of music, to try to leave dancefloor, and play the tunes that they never could play.

There is great BUT, Nemanja Krstic, is someone who can be described by almagation: Talent + Hard Working 
Ethic  (and just little magic dust from "The Lady Luck" ) = Quality music and seriouse DJ/producer career in electronic dance music industry/scene.

I don't know how he feels about all this words, but We Are Proud of him, and such a guy really deserve attention, and support.

Thanks Nemanja!!!

Now let's share his bio:
Nemanja Krstic is music producer and DJ from Belgrade, Serbia who mostly perform live. In the year of 2011 he releases his first track named Novi Beograd Underground for a French label My Love is Underground and in 2016 released track for Rough House Rosie.
His music can be described as Detroit and Chicago influenced sound with elements of Deep House, Techno and Electro. He never repressed to the trending in music during years even though the sound has changed. He kept his own style by uncompromising and being true to his musical taste.
Check more of Nemanja Krstic on his bandcamp.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Zvijer - Vjecnost Trulezi (Werewolf Promotions)

A friend of mine, a gituar player, had a couple tours over Europe, works on many projects, even as musician, even as mastering engineer/studio guy told me once, when we hit the subject about The Rock (yes every genre where electric guitar is essential from Punk or Metal to Blues and Jazz music in our town Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegowina. One that really knows what he talks about.
 And his statement about "current local scene" is valid in so much aspects.
 I'll paraphrase it: "Look Datzee, in this town only thing that is working, in rock scene here is: those so-called bands that play your top 40 every night in different clubs. When we talk about bands who play their own songs, and maybe release a demo, or now whole albums, well situation is this on the other side it seems that almost every Punk band that has quality sounds like they do not listen to anything except The Exploited, they stayed for the generations in that sound - like the greatest musical masterpiece is Beat The Bastards or the last great thing that happened to humanity was their 1983 Let's Start The War. But on the other side, the only genre, the scene that mutates, that keep non stop evolving is Heavy Metal, and the guys with their sub-genres and minor numbers of fights and lost friendships over the best band!!! Man I can right now count five (he counted ten actually) bands that if they lasted longer, or could release another album, they will be playing all over Europe right now. I'm not Metal-head (he isn't!!!), but generation, after generation, you can hear progress and experiments with the sound, with the music, I don't know why is that, but there is something in these waters - that is perfect to play Metal...", we will stop here.
 And this is the reason why I'm doing review of Balkanian - Barbaric - Black - Metal band Zvijer (The Beast), also trying to find the reson why they have so much energie/sympathy/love/blood towards their music and scene. Ok maybe I shouldn't answer that question... it will reveal itself somewhere.

First of all, they surprised me, they gave me the tape, with nice booklet inside, but tape... common, we all know that Metal scene growed larger, and larger through the world-wide tape trades. And also in Metal 80's hey-day tapes were the medium were bands release their own demos and albums. Records sounds great, but sound of Heavy Metal music is perfect for the tape. So here is another plus for this release. But also you can hear them on bandcamp. Even if they preffer and love their Slavic Paganism, they also have songs on english.

So they begin with U Gnjilu Postojanja Covjeka like industrial drone, and then there is fist in the mouth: Hereticall Balkanian Sabbathism, five minutes of blastbeats and screams, just like every good Black Metal album should have. Then the track U Crnom Grobu... Svijet, first thespoken word intro a-la Balsac gave us poetical and artfully - the process of decompossed bodies, and then kick with the boot in stomach again with the blastbeat, but also the break where you can hear quit good riff, you weren't aware of it, maybe it is my perception of the whole atmosphere. Also want to mention the track (who knows maybe hit single) called Divljina so check it down below:

Yes i can explain, and i guess that my dear readers, you too understand the artform. Those lyrics are about death and gore, lies and deceptions, but it can also be even metaphor, or even Zvijer want you to think about banality of unusefull living and spending lifetime like it is something you take for granted. You need to wake up, live life to the fullest, and as Carlos Castaneda wrote something like "When Death decide to come for you, she have to wait to hear your story, and the warrior dance his life, describeing everything he did", so you have to live to the fullest, to really fullfil your life with things you love to do, to live proactive and positive to yourself, "and if you manage to live like that, Death will have to wait more, until you are done. Also tell me... is there funnier thing, then watching Grim Reaper, when suddenly he sits and said something like: "Here is another one, better sit down and listen this one, I hope he will finish this quick."

So Zvijer simply growls and scream: Go out, live life, give your full commitment, everything else is just a illusion, a-marry-go-around amusment park.

And another one... see, there is a quality Heavy Metal music in, like one of the "most powerfull man in the World said" in shithole countries.