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Reviews: Datzee's Never Too Late - Part I (2016 - 2018)

Dear freinds and family, the BLOG was in hiatus for some time, in the meantime, there released great number of pretty good releases, albums/EP's/12" and other's. Format is irrelevant. so I want to do right thing and to review, a short review about those mentioned releases. And you know what?? It doesn't matter if record is old (I have feature Not For Sale, where I review older, maybe classical alums -at least they are for me, so expect somethingon that theme) or new I will write someting about it.Yeah, I know there is so much music to listen and review, and much more to represent them to all my peeps. So I decide to put some of them I consider they deserve your attention -  in one bigger blog text.
One thing is for sure. Some of them really needed some bigger and deeper insight, but you that sensation you will get when you listen to them. And please let's make some kind of dialog, and discourse about music, reviews, and music scene in overall. I hope you like it too, to discuss the music and whole situations and emotions that surrounds some of releases. I see lot of people actually read my text, and I get some nice words. But if you do not want to do that, I do appreciate, that you are there - on the other side. 
Only Love.

So let my redemption comes. And from now on, I write in larger letters!!!

Damir "Datzee" Plicanic

Nathan Fake Providence (Ninja Tune 2017)


All of those who expected new "The Sky Is Pink", can go and listen something else.
This LP, on Ninja Tune is all about two things:
Korg's Prophecy synth, that's why tracks sounds almost the same, but listen the album more tha x2 and here you go. Also Album's name is connected with Korg's synth.


Another thing, if his friend James Holden made a huge leap into non-western music, where he now plays with the Morrocan traditional music artists and makes experimethal and original music, Nathan Fake actually, also going into uncharted teritories, but somehow he sounds more like Tim Hecker, Ben Frost or even Oneohthrix  Points Never. He made that great track DEEGREELESSNESS, with video in our review (look up, first Youtube link from here), with Prurient.
Track "SmallCityLights" sounds like P-Funk relative.
The whole expirience of the album is pretty good. There is no dancefloor anthems, or it went in "total darkness" - it is in perfect balance. It is optimistic, on some tracks quite melacholic, and YES I was surprised, and on some tracks dissapointed cause he could go more... Where? I can't answer that question, but album is worth of your time, and to check your DJ skills without SYNC button.

Jesu & Sun Kil Moon - Jesu Sun Kil Moon (Caldo Verde Records 2016)  

"What does 'rekindle' mean
?" - Jesu/Sun Kil Moon  - "Good Morning My Love"

Thank You Dear Universe for people like Mark Kozelek. Cause you just can't but laugh, or cry, whatever emotions got you, while listening this bend.
 Mark's songs are like reading, literally reading someones diary, writen like James Joyce's Ulysses, that stream of conciousness, like All of us have every day, while we go to work, or just doing something at the home, or watching thru the window. In any case lyrics that we all think and instead we wrote them, we just continue our inner dialogue. Now I wonder, does Mr. Kozelek write like this on purpose likehis own style, and how he does it. I know I couldn't do it that fast, cause lots of thoughts has come, and vent. I'm sure he has practised a lot.
 just when you think he has, under his belt 10lp's with the band Sun Kil Moon, and then another 10 alone or in colabration with someone.


This album is under Sun Kil Moon monicker (there is also second one, but I didn't find it) with Justin Broderick's Jesu post-rock/metal band. This line-up would be perfect, but put someone  with name Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth to play drums, and bunch of musicinas from different American indie bends like Low, Slowdive, or even guy like Bonnie "Prince" Bill. And you have masterpiece, really a masterpiece, cause you will have hella-good time in someone' else's head, with songs/thoughts like this:


It's June 13, 2015 and I'm jetlagged as hell
Just walked in the door, opened my mail and there's... something from Yael
The guy from Biffy Clyro says I'm one of the greatest... songwriters in the world
And here's some funny rant... from some... stalker hater girl
And a letter of love and kindness and affection from a fan... in Singapore
Ah, what can you do? Some people love, some people hate, some of us walk tall and proud and some of us slither around in the dirt like litte garden snakes
(Like little garden snakes)
Nature is cruel, look at the way the vines curl and choke the, life out of trees
Nature is beautiful, go out on your your front porch, smell the pines and feel the afternoon breeze
(The afternoon breeze)

It's June 13, just like it was... 3 years ago
When, I put words down to some music written by the musical genius Jimmy Lavalle
And my friend Tim had just died and everyone, was... goin' through hell
But now there's a brand new June 13 and I gotta say that things are... going pretty well

Todays my sister's birthday and I'm gonna call her... and I know she'll be pleased
But I tired to call her but she's not answering, I just keep tryin' and she's not answering
Ah there she is, my beautiful sister... and one of my best friends
She wants a copy of my new CD, I'm gonna send it to her on monday and I'm gonna surprise her with... a rather large check

Now I'm off to Telegraph Hill, I need to walk to get back into the right time schedule
I walked through the North Beach fair, still dizzy, I felt like I was in some strange music video
I went to Molinari's on Colombus and got the... Joe's Special
That was Katy's favorite, I always get that one in memory of her

Oh it's coming up on my... 48th summer
A few nights ago I rocked the room like Elvis Presley and had them laughin' like... Richard Pryor
And me and Steve went and saw the film Youth on our... day off in Milan
And Pitchfork gave me a 6 that day and I said "man, what took them so long?"
And me and Steve laughed and we had some salad and some red mullet, Carpaccio And I hugged him goodnight and the next morning I flew home to, beautiful San Fransico

Oh it's coming up... 48th summer
And I'm feeling pretty good and my girlfriend will be here at 7 for dinner and oh my godI love her...
And her cat Leona she's a huge ball of fluff and I, could squish her to death
Her face is so fucking cute, I swear to god... I can't even stand it

And this friday night I'll be singing the 100th Anniversary of the Civic Center in San Franciso... with Chuck Prophet and Penelope Houstin and Stephanie Finch and The Kingstom Trio, and Jello Biafra
And for the fuck of it I'm gonna read this nice letter from this., Singapore fan
He's now the co-writer of this song, his name is Victor and he's gonna get a song writers share, 25%

Dear Mark, thank you for the amazing gig you played in Melbourne in March of this year
I flew from Singapore to see you and I don't know if you remember but we met outside
I was weraing a Parl Jam t-shirt and you said it was cool
For me, you and Eddie are the best two vocalists and songwriters of our age
Thank you for allowing us to all move to the front of the hall when you came onstage
Somehow the internet gave me a back row seat but after you let us move I was right down the front
I love the new record and the way you are getting more personal each and every album
I think it's one for the fans, for the people that have listened to you for twenty years, not for the hipsters who only like you because of Benji
I bought my family members in London four tickets for the Barbican gig this week, wanting to get as many people I know to hear you and share your music
The main reason I'm writing is because of the negative press from the gig, English press are ridiculous just trying to get any controversial story they can
Anyone who knows you will know you're respectful and they don't get your sense of humor
Don't let it get you down, your real fans will always b here for you
Please keep making the music and touring the tours, take it easy and yes please do come back to Singapore
Smiley face, all the best Victor"   Jesu/Sun Kill Moon - "Yesterday I Rocked The Room..."

Well played, well played!!!


Pauline Anna Strom
- Trans-Millenia Music (RVNG INTL 2017)
At the beginning of 80's there were/there is still kind of music which took Brian Eno's words litteraly:" an atmosphere, a tint...designed to induce calm and space to think", it's purpose was to help you meditate or enjoy your healthy food in your garden in sunny California. Music name is New Age. Optimistic melodies, slowlyness, beta-lessness, trance-indcuing production. Everything that come with healthy-higher-middle-class-meditation-nation music


Pharmakon - Contact (Sacred Bones 2017)

First of all of this is one of top 10 covers in 2017, even one in 21st century. Why? Cause if you look closely, it would look like frsh insestines, worms, actually autopsy on living body. It is Margaret Chardiet aka Pharmakon.


Her music is new that new Industrial, where artist screams and use a lots of distortion pedals, laptop, groove boxes, and what-else? And it is something that I'm pretty new in that scene, but I saw a couple shows, and most of that shows are streamed from USA and Canada. So when I use my brain, I came to the conclusion - there is strong scene of the this let's say new Industrial all over the world. I know I first show like this was, of course Dominick Fernow's Vatican Shadow or Prurient or that brilliant show I saw years ago, artist named Timeghost... and I'm sorry I know there are more artist with same agenda and "almost" same visceral experience. But this... this record I bought just because of shock value.

And the music, well lot of distortion, lot of electricity, lot of anger, lot of industry. I like it a lot. it is like a electric shock I applied to my body on purpose. I wanted to fell alive, I wanted some new experiences, I wanted... pure flesh - well not to eat it, but to touch it, and scrub myself in it, to feel the sweat.

Yes, the moral of the story, commercial technology, specially soc-net, made us alienated, somehow history repeat itself and I guess we want we want (again) that state of existence, where we feel each other, in which "we feel" means male's/female's BODY and it's liquids. We want that smell, we want that skin, we want that muscles, we want meat - of course not dead, but alive, with his blood circulating, and hair that grows... only way to go further is sometimes to go back.

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Tapan - Europa (Malka Tuti)

"Then they'd strung the cables, according to some complex scheme of Molly's, they hung them with battered sheets of yellow plastic... Case heaved at one of the yellow sheets; the thing was light but still awkward. Zion smelled of cooked vegetables, humanity and ganja. As they worked, Case gradually became aware of the music that pulsed constantly through the cluster. It was called Dub, a sensuous mosaic cooked from vast libraries of digitalized pop; it was worship, Molly said, and a sense of community." - Neuromancer by William Gibson 

"Rhythm is a biotechnology: You are the newest mutants incubated in womb-speakers... the labs where 21st C nervous system assemble themselves" - Kodwo Ashun

"Water carried the sound of the drums and sound carried the distance between the old and the new world" - John Akomfrah The Last Angel of History.

I could all day just posting scientific and fictional quotes about rhythm, music, Time:Space, about diasporic communities, about Balkan, about... whatever. And all of them could  easily be representation or review about Tapan's duble 12" Europa. On first, visuasual contact, it was black-on-black mistery, but when you look deeper there is, some-kind-of reflection over words Europa. Dear friends from Tapan, I couldn't resist to talk about politics: as someone who lives near EU, and must always be checked-out when enters, this cover really speaks to me. Europe (Europa) is there, it doesn't exist, on the other side it glitter and have certain apstract meaning of better life. But let's leave that with visuals...

Play Free Bird!!!

Ok. what is Tapan? When i search, i find out, it is percussive instrument, with very strethced goat or sheep's skin, nd it is streched over special wood: Beech or Nutwood. tapan with the other instrument Zurla. Even Romans wrote about those bands, and their mobility from one village to another. Anyway, doesn't all that resembles you to that specific, not geographic, territory with culture: Balkan.Where Balkan begins and ends, that is now become political thing, so let's go on the other side, thank you.
Tapan are: Nebojsa Bogdanovic (aka Dj Schwabe, resident of world-famouse 20/44 Club-boat, and WE wish mix  podcast for us), and the multi-instrumentalist Goran Siminovski, also producer for many theater projects, and worked under pseudonyms: 
Belgradeyard Sound System (Free Jazz, Improvisation) Piece of Shh (Reagge and Dub).

Must say, I found this record, and listen, and didn't know that these people are about 5hrs by bus from me, that they are from Belgrade. And mine whole idea was to write something very easy, now with this infos, I must to dig deeper, and give my part into helping them, by just writing about. And they really do not need me, but anyway, I want you to go and check it out. Why? Firts these live studio performance in front small crowd, in great studio of local Belgrade Radio 3 (???? someone please help me, I found this irrelevant):

                                                        A- must!!! 

When they play alive they have relationship with some of people with great reputation in club, rock and jazz circuits. So when you see them live, actually it is really bend.
Let's go back. What is so special about them. First, when I listened for first and second time, they blow me away with agressivness. Their most heavy track Europa, is like a BOMB, Ethno-Jazz-Dub bomb! There is certain agressivness in that bass line, noisy brass instruments and when track reach peak, and what that track makes me: I feel great Bass is pumping through my veins and controls my breathing, while brain is amused with snake language that those sax and other instument creates. And when we put balkan in equation, I feel certain danger in it. also I feel gratitude for those tracks which will be ordinary 2-step dub music, if there is no crazy trumphets and sax, that play classical Balkan-ish sounds.
This wasn't tribal call to war, these was, at leat for me, expression of all my negative energy and agressivness, in that particular track, it is the moment... when I felt greatness.


                                This is single release mix of the Europa with bass drum.

The rest of the material is pretty much similar, maybe little bit mellow-ish (but just a-bit), and in that endless repetative dub bass lines, and sound of traditional instruments, that send you into trance.

I used to hate ethno music that was coming from Ex-YU scenes, cause it is the music market loves: 
authenticity - now I love, and it comes with the age. And what we have to represent is music that sounds like combination of Asia, Turkey and Eastern parts of Europe, and we can not forget western culture patterns, cause Yugoslavia always really between eastern and western blocks. During 90's suddenly shadows of tribalism and worst thing that coming from tradition and history, became the standard... especially in the war. I will end this, how (and who), you could separate and make enemies: of the two guys who grow up together in same street, in the same school, first loves, and first drunken nights - they share it. They share everything, why is it become so neceseary to separate people by, not by the pigment of their skin or others methods of separation minorities from others - but by their names, and what was his mother or father name and surname. Someone took history lessons, and found weakness of bloody history, so called bad blood, and started to push into their minds, and like poison, it create murders without any given reason (reason is always somewhere in the "history) and in their best years, they start to fire at each other, house next to house...

I could't seprate that curse and beauty of Balkan, and not talking about it, when I listen and write these lines, while listen their track Bogovi (I wouldn't translate it for you, do it yourself!!!), and what another dredd track, that takes you in the desert, where in your trance you probably trying to find meaning of your life, and your choices.


So music of Tapan, if we skip all genres and styles, is music of traveling far away, someone deep in History that is distorted, or Space itself, or your own Dunes of Arakis. It is tripish, repetative, quite angry in positive way, it is apsolutly, at the end, not Balkan music. It is beyond Balkan, it beyond genres and style, it is beyond World music, it is manifestation of all good things in the people, when they face with them selfs, that why I use word trance so much. You really introspectivly go into yourself, cause it is meant for that - and also for another manifestation of human body and spirit - the good one: DANCE!


Even if record was released almost year ago. I will still listen these tracks, and maybe waiting for some more.
Again! This is my Blog (also you can write if YOU want, please!!!), and I'm glad I do not need to watch my words, and trying to make it simple, for editors to short it even more to fit with web designer plans. Try it for yourself, and I hope we could discuss more, more opinions about this kind of art, is
 inevitable. And apsolutly, this music is for those who belives in magic, but also for people who care for another, and ones that love... it is even more. It waiting for you on record,CD, or streaming service to try it. If i'll try to write another sentence, I could not stop...


Damir Plicanic

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Don't Care About The Podcast 10: DamZah - Celebration! 10th Podcast!!!

So my dear friends and family, WE came together, to our 10th Don't Care About The Podcast!

And in what a style!!! DamZah, when you read his biography is psy-trance Dj, but he also like other mutations of our beloved Electronic Music. He will surprise you, cause he mixed all mesmerize IDM material, and maybe it is all connected - first of all with his precision mixing, and all tracks that are in perfect blend. - and second, we have our Funky jeff with his History of Ambient Techno, also known as IDM, that you can read on our pages. So yes, there is unconsciousness synchronicity.

And now let's celebrate our 10th podcast. Thanks DamZah, thank you all you people you made this mixes, and greatest thanks goes to you dear readers, and listeners.


The Future Sound of London / Spineless Jelly
The Age / Eine Fremode Lebensform
Braincell / Look at Your Hands
Speedy J / R2 D2
Turban Bloc / Five Million Years, They Knew
The Future Sound of London / Somatosensory
Juno Reactor / Magnetic (Robert Leiner Dub Remix)
Subtonal / Drone
Drexciya / Hydro Theory
Saafi Brothers / The Witness
Yucatan / Digital
Josh Wink / Higher State of Consciousness (The Deep & Slow Mix)
Autechre / Chatter
Clock DVA / Soundmirror (Reflected)
Thomas P Heckmann / The Sound of Colour
Kraftwelt / Deranged in Space
Robert Leiner / Dream of Reality
Speedy J / Summetry
Pentatonik / Catalonia

Juno Reactor / Shark

Here's DamZah's bio and where you can check his mixes and music:
Psychedelic trance DJ from Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina. His first contact with electronic dance music was at the end of the year 1995. In the beginning it was Hard Trance, Acid and Hardcore-gabba. Few months later he meets Goa Trance through the sound of projects like Eat Static, Total Eclipse, Astral Projection, Juno Reactor, Cosmosis etc. In 1996 he began to take Goa / Psychedelic sound much more seriously, and started to collect tapes and CDs with this kind of music.
He started DJing in 2003, and cofound DJ association Inner Sunrise in 2005. In his DJ sets he plays styles depending of the time in which he plays. From Deep Dark psytrance, through Forest, to total psychedelic sound. He is also a good connoisseur of old school sound, which he began with.
In May 2012 he became official DJ for Forestdelic records.
DaMzaH performed all across Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia at the various parties and festivals with artists such as Atriohm, Confo, Diksha, Fungus Funk, Malice in Wonderland, Once Upon a Time/Kliment, ManMachine, Kala, UX/Kris Kylven, Ocelot, Chromatone, Power Source, Dimension 5, Altöm, Psilocybian, Zyce…etc
The last few years he devoted himself to issuing a compilations, which are Branch Nutation (2015), Quantum Transitions (2016), Modicum (2018) signed for Forestdelic records.
He is considered as one of the pioneers of psychedelic music and culture in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Forestdelic records:

Forestdelic records on Bandcamp:

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