Sunday, April 26, 2020

Don't Care About Podcast 15: Tijana Sevo - Funk All Up Selection

Born and raised in Prijedor, just after High School graduation she moved to Banja Luka, and now she lives and works between Banja Luka - Opatija - Prijedor. Her free time Tijana spends constantly discovering new and alternative underground spectrums of electronic music. She's constantly busy with her project, already with the cult following, under the name Illuminations. She organizes events, which are regularly held in "small, sweaty, and cozy" venue DKC Incel (old industrial space). She also promotes Somewhere In The City, special event shrouded in mystery, and always held in secret locations. Both projects are, as a representation of Tijana's own belives, that are the celebrations of underground music, with agenda on truly non-commercial values and direct alternative to commercial clubbing. Representation of true spirit of the dance music subculture, and a real education in art-forms of House/Techno/Electronica as an art-forms. Considering that she is not a professional DJ and she will never be, she picked some of the records from her collection and recorded this set. Thank You, Tijana for sharing your Music with us. And for those who never went to Illuminations, Somewhere In The City parties, it is time to scratch the surface and try to find... the underground. Good things come for those who want to go deeper.