Friday, May 29, 2020

TRIGGER CUT - Buster (Not on Label)

"At the beginning of the 1980s some bands wanted to go faster, others wanted to go slower, third wanted to sound more Metal, and the fourth went... somewhere else."

When I know, it's my day off, without any responsibilities, I like beer buzz early in the morning if 9am is early morning for You. And suddenly unfamiliar German guy, with only two friends in common, sends me the link for some bend on Bandcamp. The first response, when I heard two songs was "Thank you." And the second response was, "This sounds like something for AmRep or Touch and Go." My new friend said something that's what they want to do. And with pride, there is this dedication: "This Trigger Cut- Buster LP is dedicated to James Kimball ( Laughing Hyenas, The Jesus Lizard, Mule, Ghost Forest...) and his loyal friend Buster. Thanx James!" 


As a big fan of the aesthetics of both labels and bands, it was instant love. To say that Trigger Cut sounds just as if Steve Albini decide to play with The Jesus Lizard, and try to sometimes sing about social situations and politics just like Minutemen.
You can check what I'm trying to tell you, just listen to lyrics to songs like Free Hugs or The Miners Are Back.

You should also check brilliant opener of the album Hellcat Bob, and a possible hit Mute Driver.


Album really left an impression on me, not because, during these quarantine days, where I was into those classic bands that Trigger Cut wants to celebrate. And I'm glad that they are not trying to be retro (in a negative way), Noise Rock/Post-Hardcore Punk needs more bands. Even those who want to use the same atonal riffs, fast-changing rhythm tempos - why not?! That kind of music needs 2nd generation of that kind of musical aesthetics.

And you know what??? It doesn't matter if they are not from Jordan, Minnesota.


More on the band:


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