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Hans-Joachim-Roedelius & Leon Muraglia - Ubi Bene (Passus Records)

"Ubi panis ibi patria." - "Where there is bread (plenty of food), there is my country."

"Ubi bene ibi patria" - "Homeland is place where is good for me.."

I'm sorry, you just can't escape harsh reality and breaking news, headlines: we are all witnessing  the human tragedies, one of the greatest in the history. Millions of people are forced to go and leaving their homes, their patrias, and going to uncertain future. Actually if there is future where they go, they go to the Western World unfortunately like living stock. One thing; I have survived and passed through Bosnian Civil War as a kid, feel fortunate enough. I don't share their destiny and their walk of shame, and sleepless nights, fears. I don't share their uncertainty for tomorrow morning - for now. For now we all should be thankful and thinking about it. And I hope we will find solution. If you are in situation to help: help if you can. Or maybe you don't share my point of view.

Young Roedelius came to Berlin as a student and become part of something what will become movement of global cultural influence.In grim time of human human history, that political conflict Cold War was a mother of all other smaller, real wars of that time. And Cold War was one thing, that we are all glad it didn't become physical real, actual war. It could bring us to points of extinction.

Roedelius, as you know, first become part of few young people gathered around Human Being project and part of Zodiak Free Arts Lab collective who experimented with music, technology - they were looking for a new way of expressions. Actually it was space, some kind of gathering  place for all young Berliners. Also their specific situation: they were kids of that era, of fear, conspiracy, and possible nuclear war. And specially for the Germans: the shame and shadow of 2nd World War. 

And secondly, he and his long-life musical partner Dieter Moebius become part of crucial German electronic group Kluster, and later Cluster (after departure of Conrad Schnitzler - you can expect review of his new album soon on this blog). Both incarnation of the band's albums was produced by legendary Conny Plank, producer of many pivotal krautrock records, and also bands like Ultra Vox, Eurythmics, DAF, Killing Joke, Brian Eno, Devo and others.

As a Kluster they recorded two records full of industrial and hypnotic beats. Songs had biblical references and it's funny cause those records which contains only two tracks and 50 minutes of industrial noise - each record, was financed by christian catholic organization. After departure of Schnitzler, Cluster signed to Phillips, and released two pretty electronic and experimental albums: Cluster and Cluster 2.
Around that time they had meet  Michael Rother guitarist from NEU!, and the formed something like krautrock supergroup: Harmonia, released two albums, the masterpieces: Music from Harmonia and Deluxe.

Again, as Cluster they release Sowieso, and two albums with Brian Eno, After The Heat and Cluster and Eno. Then they release Grosses Wasser - last great record record from the duo before they went separated ways. But never stopped releasing extraordinary music. And also this text is about something else.

Year is 2015 and Hans-Joachim Roedelius has joined forces with Leon Muraglia. They have released Ubi Bene, and that's why are we here. And as I have seen the name of the album, it made me go political on this one. Album is full of (let's call it) classical krautrock sounds and tracks like Red in Circular Loop, My Heart and Mind Were Disposed..., A Reflection in Deep Sea. Especially last one had that piano child-ish like song which sounds like later, more melodic Cluster phase. Or we have dark and bleak, industrial, experiment-ish (reminds me on my fav Cluster 2) tracks like A Machine Dreams (only 21 seconds long!!!), There is a Huge Duck Standing Right behind You/The haunted Space, Surface That Appear To Change. There is beautiful, ambient, and melodic tracks perfect for home or if you are in-full-clothes-enjoying-those-winter-small-amounts-of-Sun-in-your-garden soundtrack like: She Had Always Loved Vienna, Gently Falling Snow, A Nostalgia For Lollipops. And even droney track Cloud Iridiscence  (I played that one at the after party, yes). Of course there is even track that sounds like it is borrowed from Autechre or Boards of Canada - (which could be only a pretty good comparison), it mean they're in good company and could easily fit in standard DJ techno set.

Ubi Bene is mellow and it is quite contemporary, full sounds that reminiscence on a good side of life. It is optimistic and made me get up and go to buy a bottle of fine red wine. To share it with my girl.Yes there are bad things in life, and awful things happening in the world right now as I type. People's greed will always make other people suffer, as you can read in the beginning of the text. But for now I will spend two hours with wine, person I love and Ubi Bene on repeat. Actually me getting up and flipping the discs every little while.

Something more, I guess Leon Muraglia is here, in this album 50%, just like Roedelius. I hope we can expect more from him in the days/years to come, and I see this is first release of Passus Records so I'll keep my eye on him and them also. Next time, if there could be another Roedelius/Muraglia project I would buy it cause I saw Muraglia, just like I bought this one with just reading Roedelius. This joke is on Roedelius.  

For all of you who love to flow around, check this mixcloud:

If you want to know more about his life, by his own words, say Thank You to peeps at Resident Advisor:

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Sounding Lines (Honest Jon's)

"It continues a career-long fascination with dub reggae – Jamaica’s contribution to minimalism – where vocals were removed, drums beefed up, and then cloaked in delay and echo. Von Oswald’s greatest innovation was to take the method and apply it to techno, resulting in pan-Atlantic tracks tinged with dread." - Moritz Von Oswald; interview from The Guardian

"I was always a sound guy." - Moritz Von Oswald

It is hardest way to start writing a piece of review, for example review of  Moritz Von Oswald Trio's LP. Why? Let's do this fast! We all have heard about dub techno, right? We all enjoy in deepness, repetitive bass lines and wanted those tracks to last for whole eternity. Yes Moritz Von Oswald is the key figure in German techno, band/label/genre itself, he is also the godfather of Dub Techno, lover and passionate collector of Jamaican music, one half of Basic Channel/Rhythm and Sound (with Mark Ernestus - we can talk for hours about this guy, owner of Hardwax, and creator of Dubplates and Mastering studio), Maurizio (Von Oswald's solo dub techno project), and of course Moritz Von Oswald Trio.

               Mark Ernestus, Moritz Von Oswald, Sasu Rippati  cca 2010

A collective of electronic music's true vanguards, whose solo project were always exploring new territory. Super groups at least in modern Pop music are always threatened to keep status quo: " just do what you are best at, do your part, and then together play one old song" - so everyone can play their part, audience's favorite .
In techno things are different, people are really, when they work together, trying to push each other more, and over the possibilities to go even further the border. So, first incarnation of bend was Von Oswald, Mark Ernestus (NSI, Sun Electric) and Sasu Rippati aka Vladisalv Delay. Von Oswald was on mixing board and rhythm machine, Rippati was behind drums, and  Ernestus analog synths, synthysayzers: constatly jamming and combining Afro rhythms, dub, Jazz, electronica, ambient and space sounding passages and techno. Also we know that everyone of them pushed their own sound further and further. They still do.
One thing you got to know, the idea behind Moritz Von Oswald Trio is to jam, just like in Jazz, musicians simply play with each other, in the mold which is based around main rhythm, till the time itself simply disperce, to be forgotten. This old idea of musicians playing for no reason, only here musicians are electronic musicians with their wired, pluged-in equipment. Surely they weren't first, but absolutely they did it best, as far as you ask me... and trust me, lots of them screwed with my brain musically for most over 25 years. Idea is to take something like jazz jammin' and recording it. The same Modus Operandi is used on ALL albums.

The picture, above, made circa 2010 is pictured when first album Vertical Ascent came out. Strong industrial railway-like rhythm, but spaced out sounds and tones. In one moment you could hear something like rocket ship ascending, and then the rest of the album went into more space-y, more free float-y atmosphere. So for me it was storytelling from the industrial revolution to the space traveling.

Second album was a little bit lighter with the rhythm sections then previous. But more dubby and  influenced by Caribbean rhythms. Even some of other musicians joined the crew: Paul St Hilaire - long time Rhythm and Sound collaborator, on guitar that gave you that mellow, relaxed feeling (and of course it's delay-ed and reverb-ed), and also on the second guitar there was Tobias Freund (whose name is associated with, mostly Ostgut Ton, and other labels and releases, also master of production and mastering - aka Tobias., or his collaboration with Atom TM, NSI with (Max Ernestus) was also playing a guitar.
Horizontal Structures in one moment takes us, from Caribbean techno suddenly goes to our Megapolises, and it's perfect soundtrack for observating the Sun - reflecting from skyscrapers and glass. So it's no wonder lots of sounds that reminds on steel and breaking the glass.


Well Fetch was the album that didn't grab my attention as first two. Formulaic isn't a bed word in here. They add some more live instruments like Flute, Saxophone and Clarinet. It's more melodic, and maybe more dubby. Sure, I recommend it, but as I said I didn't spend more time with it to catch more from it, maybe you will.

But if you want to hear it how all that sounds live, how their compositions sound before live audience, which is recorded and released too. An interesting live album and I considerate it more funnier than others LP's. Main technician behind main mixer is legendary Francoise Kevorkian who sometimes mixes some samples live. Also worth of mentioning, you can hear cheers from the crowd, in the moment when Carl Craig join the rest of the band to play some keyboards. Those 40 minutes (39:40 to be exact) are thrilling and show how they perfectly operate in live environments. Pure joy.

But Sounding Lines brings some changes. First of all Sasu Rippati is not involved in project, but there is drummer, a drummer that, I'm sure you will place him in top 10 drummers of the world ever: Tony Allen.
I think he don't need any introduction (but who needs there is link on his name). And yes, with Tony Allen's involvement sound evolved, especially on rhythms. Rhythms are changed, they become slightly aggressive and funky. Some reviwers said that Von Oswald restrain Allen, something like:" He have one of largest living drummer on the world and he didn't gave him chance to show his full potential." Tony Allen really incorporate himself into what Moritz Von Oswald Trio does. Album is more danceable than others. Tracks are faster, except in Sounding Line 4 which is space, slow dub track, and Sounding Line 5 (Spectre), dubby and jazzy ambient excursion into afterlife. Maybe the best track on whole album - there is something voodoo and outer this dimension of life inside it.
And when I describe all albums of Moritz Von Oswald Trio's career, you know what you can expect; sorry you can only guess. It's masters at play. Very serious play. These all texts could stand in one sentence: Techno, Dub and Jazz played by the people who loves it, and do that all their lives, do that with such easyness and perfection.

I find this on the internet, and if anyone is interested in original Moritz Von Oswald mixing deck, here is your chance to get it here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Always searchin' for new material

1. Emptyset - Signal 1
2. Vampillia & Lustmord - Deep Curent
3. Moon Zero - Nauru
4. Varg & Vanity Production - Eugenie de Montijo
5. Troum & Raison d'etre - Oculum Mundi
6. N(42) & Dirk Serries - NAHS 1 23 2 14
7. Cremation Lily & False Moniker - Blue Star, Summer Orbit
8. Xiu Xiu - Twin Peaks Ambien 1
9. Mon0 - Forgotten Gods

Dear friends, girls and boys, this is Damir Plicanic typening. I'm listening some music, then write about it. Also I have Podcast, where I put mixes from my friends and some nice people who share same passion for music.

I want to make this blog some kind of hub where people would come around read something, hear some good mix, and maybe wanted to talk about it. That's all.

But I want something else. I want to (yes this is big word) inspire people to listen (obscure? music) quality and good music, to go and make music, to mix music music
- to have fun!!!

I would like if there is some more peeps who want to make and mix music, and want to share with others. If you think you want to do that, to make a mix, or to make music and represent it in form of mix, please don't hesitate. Contact me on, usual,, and we will start from there.

First of all I want to hear great, beautiful and strange music and exclusivly unique and obscure.
We put it on my podcast series named "Don't Care About Podcast". Which is uploaded on my personal mixcloud profile. You can do whatever you want, mix this with that, beat-matching? No-problem. No beat-matching? No problem. Just send on and we will hear it first, and see what shall we do.

There is ONLY ONE rule: mix must be exclusive to!!! It must NOT be released  anywhere, and it must not be uploaded anywhere else. Yes you can share it, and listen to it, even if you want it we can put download link for personal use (some people just wanna listen on their ipod, for example), you can record your live set, you can change your name and shroud yourself in mystery by putting some other name (I think there is only one real name in this blog, and that is mine).

So thank you for your time, to read this, and if you wanna join in, make a mix, make some music (but try to send it in form of mix) - You are welcome. You know email, it is there.... don't worry it is always on the end of text.

You see that mix. It took me two hours to do all, choose the tracks, mixed, and upload on my mixcloud profile. You can do that too.

Enjoy my the mix, there will be more mixes, in dronemedronemedroneme series. I will do part two... whenever I desire.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Don't Care About Podcast 007: redizork - Njeno Poimanje Vremena

Our dear guest for our 007 mix is redizork. redizork is audio/visual artist from everywhere. He is passionate about Drone and weird electronics, so you should check some more of his mixes on his redizork mixcloud .
Translation from Serbo-Croat is: Her Own Meaning of Time.
This mix puts ordinary listener in some kind of time:space bubble, where he/she drifts till the end of mix. Also there is romantic side to it, those tracks have certain romantic feel.
Romantic Drone! Remember people, where have you first heard/read it. Romantic Drone is coined by Datzee from And spread the news. Also spread a mix if you like it

Dear redizork thank you, and all others who contributed for series Don't Care About Podcast, and I hope you people will enjoy in his Romantic Drone. Also the cover picture is also redizork's art.

Waterflower - Calm
Gimu - Hidden In Darkness
Rafael Anton Irisarri - Empire Systems
Moon Zero - The Solipsist
Dino Spiluttini - Ice/Age
Fingers - Escape Into The Bushes
Abul Mogard - State-Coloured Storm
N(42) & Dirk Serries - N H D S I 23 2 14
Lee Noble - Holy Ghost People
Ancient Ocean - Absolution
Simon Scott - An Angel From The Sea Kissed Me

For more info and blog and reviews, also and other mixes go to:
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Also if zou wanna contribute and spread your message, your music, sound and vision also contact as via

Thank You!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Donato Dozzy - The Loud Silence (Further)

Let's imagine we hold the camera. There's drifting wind, white rocks, the shore of Mediterranean Sea, an old white house, with blue windows. Focus on the boy, the family taking their stuff from a family car - red Fiat - if You want. Scenes of happiness, laughter between grown men sitting by the table, woman yells on children to not go to far away, cause lunch will be served soon. Close zoom on another bottle of wine opened on the table, in front of house. Camera follows the boy who is separated himself from the other kids, looking something in house. Camera focuses on the wall where are some small household items. There she is... Marranzano. Cut!

In other parts of the world known as Jew's harp, Maultrommel, Ozark's harp or simply: Mouth Harp. One of the ancients instruments, known in almost every civilization, the lonely man's companion through out the centuries and continents.

Now let's back to the boy, little movie magic and boy is man, in his finest years. His name is Donato Scaramuzzi. His is well-known for his Donato Dozzy moniker. Producer and DJ of hypnotic, deep, trance-state techno of the highest quality and with sonic perfection. He is one-half of avant-garde techno project Voices From The Lake, which album of the same name Voices From The Lake (Prologue), with production maestro Neel, is still for me the best techno album of the 21st century.
The story is true, if press release writings don't lie. Little Donato used to go, during  ferragosto (that's Italian collective summer vacation in Italy), to same Sicilian village, where he had found (or it it has found him) simple like a toy, but unique musical instrument. It has one vibrating metal, or piece of bamboo, attached to other horse shoe-like metal. You put it on your mouth to hold it, and triggering (with your fingers) vibrating metal. And then use your mouth, the meat part, by moving it  you create the high of tone. And that tone creates incredible droning sound - a primordial call. And when frequency hits your DNA You know: You are the Time Traveler who travels to the dawn of men.

I guess that we are witnessing new period in Donato Dozzy's career. The Loud Silence is his second album where he uses only one instrument in every track, through the whole album. First one was with the voice, an album Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy - Sintetizzatrize (Spectrum Spools) where he explored the possibilities of combining the human voice and musical production tools. The Loud Silence uses same principals, only with the Mouth Harp.

Results are incredible. Every track is pure sonic pleasure, and drives you everywhere. Every track can be played even in main techno arenas cause it has sub buss sonic qualities, and throbbing in the guts feeling perfect to dance to it. Then in small studios or art galleries to create atmosphere, example: if there is only light on artworks and the rest is in full dark or light is positioned in to create more dark. Or simply put your time traveler suit (light weight clothes) and helmet (headphones) and into past we go - all the way down.