Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Don't Care About The Podcast 9: Saša Đorđević - Lazy Afternoon

Well, Sasa Dordevic, an audio-visual artist who lives and prospers in Banja Luka. Living and breathing his arts, full of knowledge, a man who knows how to listen and has a lot to say - one of those that any urban and art scene has got to have.

The man who is everywhere - you may see him at any über-cool event as well as at the more wacky ones.

He's the "grey man", someone in the crowd, one that doesn't stand out, but when you talk to him and when he shines, he shines brightely and got so many things to show you. Also, his ears and eyes are always open, to hear and see something new, special, and original - in anyone. At least I perceive him that way.

If he was any different, I wouldn't have asked him to do the mix. The mix is on constant repeat on my iphone, or speakers. And I'm so proud to present to You all this mix as some kind of "comeback" of our blog.

01. Acid Pauli - Rene (Roman Flugel Remix)
02. Smagghe & Cross - Talking to Katz
03. Mehmet Aslan - Alysha
04. DJ Tennis - Magrelian
05. Minor Science - Volumes
06. C Cat Trance - Rattling Ghosts (Die Orangen Remix)
07. Nicola Cruz - Bruxo (JAJA Remix)
08. Center of the Universe - Feta Version
09. Jensen Interceptor - Route E
10. Naum Gabo - Mariama


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