Sunday, June 2, 2019

Mix: Beds Are Burning

Our so-called editor-in-chief made a mix for rainy days and trainspotting. Yes, We have playlist, but there is something for you to do, right. Ok, ok... there are Ulver, Fennesz, even Air (one of their most opscure track ever)... ok just try to track the tracks if you want, but if you want, and like some tracks - let us know in comments, we were be glad to answer. But for now it is better without playlist.

Now go away and listen, please comment, and if you want to have your mixes posted as our podcast WE WILL BE HAPPY TO DO THAT, and make new friends. Also you can mix any kind of music (Polka or 70's Mexican Psychedelic Rock or Modern Classic or Horror Movies Soundtracks but as far as mix we would like if you = can go away from the dancefloor, but we will post it if it really good, like techniqually, and tracks-wise, remeber we are 90's Techno and jackin' Chicago and Detroit first/second wave kids, also we are heavily into Ambient, Drone, Noise, Blues, Hard-Bop Jazz or Grunge, Krautrock, Prince, etc... ok we're into all great underground music new tech-house is not our game, but we have respect.